2. To Belize by Motorcycle

I’m relatively new to riding motorcycles.  A few years ago I took the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course and a week later was on dirt bikes off-roading across Baja for a weekend with some Baja 1000 racers as instructors.  Since then, I’ve been a regular rider but nearly all of it commuting through DC rush hour traffic.  I ride a style of motorcycle called an “adventure bike”, which is an ambitious name for a bike that is trapped in traffic most of the time.  But I’m finally going to break it free.

I’m headed off on in the next few days for a trip from Washington, DC to Belize and back.  Our general route is to cross into Mexico at McAllen, Texas and then make our way through the Eastern side of Mexico to the Yucatan and cross over into Belize to meet a friend at the end of March.  On the way, we have a lot of interesting sites picked out but not a firm itinerary – we’ll let the weather, roads, locals and other travelers help steer our detailed stops.  After the stop in Belize we’ll take the fast way home up the East coast of Mexico.

I’ll be traveling with a friend (Bill) who I’ve known since college 30 years ago.  For both of us, this will be our first long-distance trip.  Bill has been a long-time rider and brings a lot of road experience.  Neither of us has done much off-roading so we’ll keep it simple on this trip but definitely want to see some dirt.  We also don’t speak Spanish, but I’ve had a job that’s brought me to over 50 countries so I’m familiar with muddling through unfamiliar environments.  

I’ll try to post a weekly wrap-up here if you’d like to keep tabs on the trip.  If you want to follow more closely, I’ll be journaling the ride on a motorcycle travel site here:


My Triumph Tiger 800 packed for a camping trip last spring

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  1. Wishing you wonderful adventures in your travels! I hope you have the opportunity to meet new, interesting people of a different culture. You and Bill are so curious, outgoing and friendly that I’m sure people you cross paths with will be more than happy to share their world with you and to learn about yours. Your extensive international travels should be very helpful as you navigate in
    new countryside. I can’t wait to follow your travels, this blog is a great idea! Stay safe! Love to Bill.
    Love, Mom

  2. I would have placed any bet that you´re riding a BMW dirt bike but Triumph?? 😉 Enjoy this trip will be a wonderful experience (aching back, aching wrists, freezing cold, wet, dirty, hot-swetting etc.) but for sure it will be a special tour! Safe Travels

    1. I went for British engineering over German style? But seriously, the Triumph triple is an amazing engine.

  3. What an exciting adventure! Have a great time, enjoy and be safe. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip!

  4. Just awesome! Safe travels and keep the rubber side down. Where’s the link to the GoFundMe “incidentals” page, you know for speeding tickets and bail money? (Oh wait, that’d just be needed if I did a cross-country motorcycle trip;) But seriously, have fun and I too am looking forward to following your adventure.

  5. Wish Bill and you the perfect mix of adventure and safety. Curious to read about the experiences you’ll make during this trip.

  6. Sean, good luck in your trip. Most importantly, stay safe and avoid any banditos. ? I hope that bike goes fast when you hit the gas. Seriously, it should be a wonderful journey. A great bucket list trip. I look forward to following along on the adventure and keeping up with your blog. All the best, -Bill K

  7. Sean! yahhh, I’ll continue to live vicariously through your bucket list trips. So happy and excited for you. Definitely looks like an amazing adventure.

    Keep your eyes peeled through Jalisco, and keep the throttle going to outrun the Cartel 😉

    Can’t wait to see the pics!

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